Helping Taxpayers to manage their tax obligations efficiently

We are a medico-legal entity operating in Bondi Junction. 888 TAX has been providing full function Bookkeeping, full function Payroll and Outsourcing Accounting services to us for last 16 years. 888 TAX is reliable, trustworthy, accurate and extremely conscientious. 888 TAX are helpful to all staff and our specialists in our practice and we value their assistance greatly. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

Dr. D. / Principle/ Managing Director

We are a specialist Real Estate and Property Consulting entity with offices in Surry Hills and Hurstville. 888 TAX has been providing Outsource Accounting, Financial Controller and Taxation Services to us for last 11 years. 888 TAX bring a sense of reality and a good understanding of business. 888 TAX was in valuable to our property business during the GFC, a market particularly hard hit. I am honoured to pay tribute to their business accruement and have no hesitation promoting their Accounting and Taxation Services.

M.G. / Principle/ Managing Director

We are recruitment specialists in the Hills Area. 888 TAX has been providing Outsource Financial Controller for last 9 years; I cannot be happier. 888 TAX is exceedingly knowledgeable about all financial matters particularly taxation. They always respond promptly to all requests and enquiries. 888 TAX has a cheerful disposition and terrific sense of humour! Quite an unusual Accountant indeed. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. 888 TAX is a Business Mentor and Business Partner.

W. D. / Principle/ Managing Director

We are a midsize engineering entity in the Western Sydney. 888 TAX has been providing full function bookkeeping, job costing, full function payroll, hands on accountants, Internal auditors, Financial Controller and Business Mentor to us for more than 3 years. They are extremely helpful to our business. I am happy to recommend them without any hesitation.

Dr. H. / Principle/ Managing Director

We are an International Importer / Exporter with multi-currency transactions and accounts in Cabramatta NSW. 888 TAX has provided us with Bookkeeping, Outsource Accounting and Mentoring for 3 years. They are knowledgeable in Accounting and Taxation; reliable and professional at all times. We highly recommend their services and will continue to use their services for many years to come.

L.C. / Manager in Charge

We are a travel destination agency in Sydney. 888 TAX has been our account guru for nearly 2 years and expertise in managing our Bookkeeping has helped improve our Accounting process and streamline the paperwork. 888 TAX takes the pain out of our accounting processes and their friendly approach has endeared them to our team. We have no hesitation in recommending 888 TAX expertises and engaging personality.

P.C. / Manager / Sydney Australia

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